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Rotavator is the most efficient system where a definitive tillage solution is required. Regardless of soil type, conditions or the amount of residue: The result is always the best. Rotavator is easily adjustable to suit all working depth and soil finish requirements.

The Rotavator is also the most versatile implement for two results: 

  1. Crumbling: It can produce anything from a very coarse tillage to a very fine finish 
  2. Residue mixing: It can cope with high amounts of weeds or trash without blocking to provide a perfect mixture of residues. The benefits are a completely trash-free surface combined with effective incorporation of organic material within the soil structure. The Rotavator program offers a wide range of models thereby offering suitability to any tractor or application.


Słowo klucz: Brona rotacyjna aktywna Kongskilde agregat uprawowy aktywny

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